Many thoughts crossed my mind as I sought direction for my newest writings.  From those ruminations came the birth of Thoughts on Paper.   From there, it took only a few more steps for the creation of The Write Turn to happen.

If feels so good to be succeeding with a new project.  It definitely was a right turn for Panorama Coaching to become The Write Turn.  How many times do we (myself included) tell ourselves that we need to make a fresh start yet we do not want to let go of the good things we currently enjoy?

The Write Turn is proof that you do not have to abandon first-rate, respected projects to begin a new activity that will need nurturing and a time commitment to succeed.  Once the first venture is well established, the next undertaking can serve to broaden your horizon, not limit your view.  Is it any wonder that a feeling of adventure takes hold?  Just look at the word adventure – you are going to add a venture to your routine.  Now that’s exciting – if you love a challenge!

The message in Thoughts on Paper changes periodically.  My  hope is that you will check in regularly to read the new thoughts.  You can also sign up to receive notice by email whenever there is a new posting.  Simply fill in the form in the column to the right on this page.  Or go to www.alicemaxin.com and complete the request form in the right-hand column there.  Your information goes no further than me.

Wishing you thoughtful musings that make you smile,


2 Responses to About

  1. Melanie says:

    Finally I’m on line and can follow you

  2. Kathy Francart says:

    So glad to see your blog is up and running! Hope the book signing is going well!

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