Another Look

Have you had to take another look at something to be sure you saw it right the first time? Do you remember Mom saying she’d have to take another look at what you wanted her to buy for you before she’d agree to it?  (Did you know in your heart that meant the answer would be NO?) Ever tell the kids to take another look at their homework before they turn it in?

I am asking readers to take another look – this time to enjoy short ‘words of wisdom to make you think’ and to learn right away when my next book will be available.  You can find my new look by clicking on If you enjoy what you see, you are invited to LIKE the page.  Most, but not all, of the pictures I use are ones I’ve taken on our various trips around the globe.  Perhaps you’ll recognize the locations and wish to comment on them or maybe I’ll pique your interest enough to go there yourself.  Hopefully the post itself will strike a cord with you – enough to LIKE it and/or comment on it.

Watch my fb page to find out more about my next book whose title is MOMENTUM.  It is a sequel to CLEARLY INVISIBLE.  However, you need not have read the first one (although I hope you did) to enjoy the second.  I recently had word from the editor that a draft copy of the book cover will be sent to me next week. Yes, I am excited!

Signing off for now and inviting you to take a look at


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