And the Tree Cried

If you were to visualize a tree crying, what would you picture:  a weeping willow, a palm tree bent to the ground in a hurricane, timbered land?

Of the three I mentioned, one naturally appears droopy, not upbeat; one is being assaulted by nature’s forces; one is the victim of man.

How about the picture (seen here to the right) I took of a tree during a visit to Michigan in July?  While those are not actually tears as we know them, they are an indication oIMG_0658f someone cutting into the beauty of the tree allowing us to see the sap run.  Was it impatience?  A new method of collection?  A lack of tree knowledge?

I will never know the reason unless I meet the person who did the cutting.  And even then, I may not understand.  I am not a tree aficionado.

Is it not the same way with most things we witness?  Unless we’re the perpetrator of an action, we cannot know why ‘someone did what they did’.   Cause and effect does not always make sense to us.

Yet we judge; we lay blame; we make excuses; we holler and scream saying what we saw was an injustice, a cruel and meaningless action.

Or possibly we see nature’s beauty, a plan in action, a necessary commitment.

Wondering what any of this has to do with the picture of the tree? Good.  Now you’re thinking…I hope.

What you think all depends on your perspective.  The viewer of the tree picture could be anyone from a lumberjack to a tree-hugger, from a bird-watcher to a maple syrup lover.  Imagine you are the tree itself or the sap or the branch now on the ground!

When I took the picture, I imagined the tree cried.


May your perspective give your life joy!


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  1. auntieem587 says:

    What a great article to get my mind thinking out of the box. It all depends on perspective. Hmmm…..

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