A Wish and a Promise

Alice J. Maxin, Author

Alice J. Maxin, Author

A wish and a promise!                                                                           What do you think of when you hear that phrase?

Wishes made upon a star?  Dandelion wishes?  Birthday wishes?

A promise of a reward at the end of the day?  A promise that you’ll start a diet, a project, or a good book tomorrow only to find that tomorrow keeps moving further away on your to-do list?

Wishing for a new bike, being promised it would happen…then feeling disappointment when it didn’t?

A wish and a promise makes me think of a great accomplishment because –

A Wish and a Promise is my second published book – talk about excitement!  I’ve wished for years (many) that I could write a book AND get it published.  I promised myself I would do it as soon as I found the time.  Do we ever actually find the time…unless we really want to succeed and therefore make the time? I found the time!

The book’s story is fictional.  It’s also realistic enough for you to feel as though you are sitting in front of the stone fireplace with Tootie – an adult grandchild – and her grandmother in Gram’s country home.  Tootie wants to know if Gram ever doubted any decisions she made raising her children or perhaps regretted some of the decisions she did make.  (I believe we can all identify with those questions on some level.) The weekend visit turns into wonders for Tootie.

It’s a cozy, easy read that will engage you and encourage you to find your own way of releasing regrets.   If you are looking for a short, entertaining, grounded story – a great read for the beach, on a plane or train, or just to relax in the evening – this book is right for you!

Contact me directly to purchase your copy – ajmaxin@gmail.com.  (This is currently the only venue.)

Wishing you the promise of a bright future,


About Alice Maxin

Professional Writer, Certified Life Coach, Founder of The Write Turn - "Write it down, make it happen!" When you need just the right words, I am just the right person to write them for you: from wedding wishes to eulogies, from workplace flyers to retirement speeches and more. I'll help you say what you mean to get what you want. If you are looking for help in achieving personal or business goals, partnering with me as a certified professional coach is an excellent move to make. You are your own best asset; now work that to your advantage. With my background in education, writing, and labor relations, I am the right person to call at The Write Turn.
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  1. I cannot wait to have and read my OWN copy. Congrats!

  2. auntieem587 says:

    Thanks, Ally. Make sure to save a copy for me. Love, Bep

  3. Kathy Francart says:

    Congratulations on getting published! I would love to buy a copy! Let me know what I need to do to order. Thanks!

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