Blind Curves

Who knows where the road will lead us?

Who knows where the road will lead us?

Ever been on a journey – no matter how well thought out – and not know for sure where a road might lead you?  Some would say that’s an adventure; others would see it as a glitch in the plans.

No matter how we plan, think we know what will happen next, or try to predict the future – life will takes its own course and take us with it! What we do next is what sets each of us apart from everyone else.

Imagine yourself on the road in the picture above.  What do you see?

You may see the clouds and think it will rain.  Or you may view the clouds as a sign of the sun peeking through at last.  Perhaps you didn’t even notice them.

Are the guard/guide rails seen as a measure of safety? Some might be hesitant of going too close to the edge of the road.  Still others may think the rails unnecessary because they need no help in setting their own boundaries.

Is there going to be traffic coming from the opposite direction when you go around the curve?  Will it be over the center line and present a threat to you?  Do you want to throw both arms up and yell “Whee! Here we go!”?

Can you imagine what the architects of that road had to do to ensure drivers that the hill on the left will stay on the left?  How about the workers who paved the road? Or connected the posts to each other and secured them next to the drop-off on the right?

The blind curves in life remind us that each day is a gift.  How we unwrap that gift and what we ultimately do with it is reason to face each day head-on – ready to appreciate the journey… wherever it may lead us!

May your journey’s curves filled with opportunities and memorable moments!


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2 Responses to Blind Curves

  1. Kori says:

    I would be thinking, “Where is the next rest stop!” LOL Love the post!

  2. auntieem587 says:

    I’m happy that I travel around most blind curves with you!!

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