Whimsical “Doodles”

If you were to choose a mascot to travel with you on your adventures, what would you choose?  Okay.  Rephrase:  If you had to pick a mascot… what would it be?

Would it be alive?  Previously living?  Family member (whoops ~ that’s too easy and, after all, Uncle Eddie may not like being called a mascot!)


I chose a character named Doodles.  He loves to jump in the car when my sister and I start one of our “sister-trips”.  These adventures usually involve words such as shopping, beach, gabfest, shopping, beach, bed and breakfast, shopping, outlets… well, you get the idea.

Doodles was rescued from a quaint beach shop where he had been held captive one summer in the hot North Carolina climate.  Granted, the shop was adjacent to an ice cream parlor and the candies were dandy.  However, he sat alone in a corner waiting for just the right person to come along, sweep him off his fringy bottom, pay the price, and set him on his way to a fun-filled life outside the shop.


Fortunately for Doodles, I often fall victim to the engaging nature of interesting-looking inanimate characters – nothing scary or gross or previously alive.  Just cute.  Since we were already on a “sister-trip”, my sibling (oh, phooey, that sounds so formal. Her name is Beth.) and I adopted this fun-looking buddy and he’s been with us ever since. To date, Doodles has only traveled with Beth and me – no one else.

Recently my 3-year-old granddaughter said she can hardly wait to see Doodles when he travels with Pappy and me in our camper.  She and her mother are to join us midway through our upcoming trip.  I should mention here that Leo, the Lucky Lion and Winnie, the Wise Owl are the current camper mascots.

It will be a bold move, to say the least, if Doodles comes along with my husband and me in the camper.  If Beth gives us the go-ahead, perhaps it’s time to let Doodles venture out in new directions in a new venue.  After all, he is fairly proficient with a GPS!


After you read this post, I challenge you to let your own whimsical imagination provide some smiles in your life.

 Wishing you hot-chocolate dreams or cool, soothing breezes – depending on your locale,


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  1. Lisa says:

    I am hoping to have one or two traveling adventures myself this summer….with both family and/or friends. You’ve inspired me to find an inanimate travel companion of my own to document my journeys…..thank you! Looking forward to your updates 🙂

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