My Camera’s Eye

When you’re on vacation, do you take lots of pictures?  I do!

When you come home and look at them, do they take you right back to that moment in time when you took them?   Mine do!

Do the photos truly capture the wonder and beauty of what you actually saw?   No? Neither do mine!

I started writing this entry thinking I would share one of the amazing pictures I took on one of my recent adventures.  When what to my surprise, I realized that only I  (and perhaps a kind family member) would know or be able to guess where I was looking when I pointed the camera!

Here’s how the picture sharing might go…

“This is St. Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland.  It is amazing: the gray stone, the stained glass windows, the lush green grounds around it, the mere size of it.  Oh, yeah…it also has a huge steeple with a cross on the top.  Honest, it does; I saw it plain as day –  with my own eyes.  I guess the camera’s eye missed it!”


A family member of mine is a professional photographer who must cringe when I share my pics with her.  Thank goodness she is lovely person and not prone to hurting feelings.

To my credit, however, I also take acceptable photos like the one below.  This one was taken in Zimbabwe, Africa – quite near Victoria Falls.  I can still imagine the sound of the falls when I see it!  And isn’t that the purpose of the photo-snapping after all?

761Perhaps I will stick to writing about my adventures rather than depending on my photography skills.

Or maybe I just need a new camera that can read my mind!

Wishing you a beautiful view ~


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  1. Lisa says:

    Alice, your photo of St Mary’s Cathedral, minus the steeple, is just to whet our appetites so that we are drawn to go there ourselves to see if indeed the steeple does exist! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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