Young Forever?

If you had your way, would you stay forever young? 

With a strong, husky, forceful voice, many may answer YES!  After all, they say, who wants to grow old and face failing eyesight, declining health, dentures, and body-part replacements?

I would reply in a soft, confident voice (and with the wisdom of one who is no longer young in years) that I will put up with the downside of aging in order to experience the joys that come with senior years.  I am fortunate enough to be able to appreciate the following:

  • Retirement and with it the comfort of knowing that the decades of work I endured and even enjoyed are finally paying off
  • Seeing my children leading productive lives, being thankful for the educational opportunities they had
  • Playing with my grandchildren for hours on end without having to worry about going to work tomorrow
  • Taking the time, finally, to write the book I always said I’d write if I just had the time**
  • Traveling, traveling, and traveling some more with a loving spouse and treasured family members
  • Not having to set an alarm clock unless I want to!
  • Making more new friends 
  • Going to the bank and the grocery store any time I want to – avoiding weekends so the working folks can have their turns

Although nature has a way of changing our outside youthful appearance as we age, I, for one, want to remain the unique person I am on the inside.  That is a choice I must make.  It is a shame that there are those who judge only by what they see and not by what they take the time to experience.

Live! Experience! Enjoy!


**Stay tuned for news about my upcoming book!

About Alice Maxin

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