The Smell of It All


That’s what I am cooking for dinner tonight.  And as the aroma of cooked cabbage fills the house (I heard you wrinkle your nose!), I wonder about the first person who decided to actually eat the fermented veggie.  Had to have been either blindly brave or awfully hungry – probably both. 

What are your favorite smells from the kitchen?  Bread baking, spaghetti sauce simmering, chocolate doing just about anything – those are a few of my favorite ones. 

How does one’s nose develop the ability to convey food associations to the brain?  A scientist, I am not.  I won’t even try to explain the process without a Grey’s Anatomy (the text, not the tv show), psychology and physiology reference manuals, and Miss Tadollery, my high school health and phys ed teacher.  Miss T. has moved on to “higher ed” – she would surely have to be about 159 years old by now – and the manuals are not at my immediate disposal; therefore my best guess is that the gift of memory leads our minds there.

The problem with the nose and memory is that it leads us to remember the unpleasant associations as well – for me that would include (1)anything cooked or raw that swims faster than I do; (2)pepper; (3)bagne caude – that’s a garlic overload dish.  I am sure there are others, but the smell of sauerkraut is clouding my memory at the moment!

If you are fortunate enough to be with family tonight at dinnertime, share your pleasant food/smell connections.  And if your memory is as good as my sister’s, share how that association came to be.  It should make for interesting table talk.

May the sweet smell of abundance be yours to enjoy!


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