‘Twas the week before…

Ready or not, the holidays are here – or will be starting in a few days…unless you are in the retail business.  That holiday rush began quite a few weeks (months) ago!  The rush was to make sure the consumer developed a sense of urgency to find the greatest bargain for that all important gift they did not even know they were going to give. 

Whether Auntie really needs a pair of red and green silk lounging pajamas becomes immaterial when faced with the chance to save up to 60% off the regular retail price.  And if you might be invited to a party where a gift for the host/hostess is expected, what better opportunity is there to purchase a useless trinket than when you can buy one and get one free?  No matter that now you have two useless trinkets if the party is cancelled by a blizzard!

I digress – back to my original thought.  The holidays are upon us once again.  The older I get, the quicker they seem to come around.  Was it really a year ago that we were opening gifts from loved ones as we spread holiday cheer?  I guess it was. 

I’ve heard this explanation about the passing of time:  when we are children, Christmas and birthdays seem so far away because we have not experienced that many.  That is to say – if I am waiting to be five years old, I have only enjoyed four birthdays and therefore it will take another 1/5 of the time I’ve lived to have another birthday.  On the other hand, if I am 79, the time between birthdays seems miniscule because I’ve had so many! Only 1/80 of my life has to pass again before the Big 80.

No matter how the time that has passed for you, I wish you well and pleasant memories to last a lifetime.



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